The Ministry of Marine Resources of the Cook Islands

Head of Fisheries: 
Mr Ben Ponia, Secretary of Marine Resources
Phone number: 
+682 28730
Email address: 

PO Box 85
Cook Islands

Key Pelagic Fisheries

Albacore, bigeye, skipjack and yellowfin tuna, swordfish

Key Fisheries (other)

Edible reef fish, pearl shell, giant clam, trochus, sea cucumber

Size of EEZ

1.83 million square kilometers

Development objectives and opportunities

MMR has a vision of working in partnership with communities, businesses and other agencies so that the people of the Cook Islands are receiving maximum long-term benefits from the sustainable development and utilisation of marine resources - throughout the nation.

  1. Offshore Fisheries Development: Expanded income earning opportunities from sustainably managed offshore fisheries through capacity building, and infrastructure and market development
  2. Pearl Industry Rejuvenation: Profitable and sustainable pearl industry through improved productivity and environmental management.
  3. Inshore Fisheries and Aquaculture Development: Improving income generating opportunities for the private sector particularly in the Outer Islands, through increased provision of technical and scientific assistance
  4. Food security and subsistence fisheries:   Ensuring sustainable fishing and conservation practices resulting in long term food security and traditional subsistence practices.
  5. Marine conservation, biodiversity and eco-tourism: Support the protection and conservation of our natural marine biodiversity, it’s affiliated customary practices and knowledge and potential commercialisation such as marine eco-tourism.
  6. Management of non-living marine resources: Support the wise exploitation of our non-living marine resources.