Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

Head of Fisheries: 
Martyn Dunne
Phone number: 
(64) 4 894 0589

Pastoral House, 25 The Terrace, Wellington
PO Box 2526
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Contact person:

Don Syme, Senior Policy Analyst
telephone: (64) 4 819 4634

Key Pelagic Fisheries

  • Longline fisheries for southern bluefin tuna, bigeye, and swordfish, as well as albacore, yellowfin, and Pacific bluefin tuna;
  • A seasonal troll fishery for albacore;
  • A seasonal purse-seine fishery for skipjack;
  • A recreational sports fishery for striped marlin and billfish as well as tuna and other large pelagic species.
  • New Zealand’s management focus is on output controls (catch limits) and, with the exception of skipjack, albacore and striped marlin, these species are managed within the Quota Management System.
  • Four New Zealand owned and flagged purse seine vessels also operate in the tropical purse seine fishery targeting skipjack tuna. 

Key Fisheries (other)

Extensive inshore and deepwater fisheries totalling around 130 species (including the highly migratory fisheries outlined above). 

Size of EEZ

4.4 million square kilometres

Development objectives and opportunities

  • Maximising the economic benefits to New Zealand from the sustainable utilisation of fisheries resources both within and beyond the New Zealand EEZ.
  • Ensuring effective management of highly migratory fish stocks throughout their range to help ensure availability of these species within New Zealand waters.
  • Exploring opportunities for closer cooperation, including joint-ventures, between New Zealand companies and Te Vaka Moana participants – not just in the harvesting sector but also in the trade, marketing and processing of fisheries products.