Governance Arrangements

There are three key elements to the governance and management structure for TVM:

A Governing Committee comprising the Heads of the Fisheries Administrations of TVMA participating countries, or their representatives. The Governing Committee takes decisions for the TVM Work Programme

Technical Networks to look at specific issues or complete specific tasks from the Governing Council. Not necessarily meeting based, the networks also provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer support, sharing of ideas and mentoring

TVM Programme Coordinator. The role of the Coordinator is to undertake all co-ordination and management-related tasks as directed by the Governing Committee to implement the TVM work plan. The MC is also the primary point of contact for TVM with partners.

The TVM Manager and Coordinator has been authorized by TVM Participants to attend meetings to represent the interests of and speak for TVM Participants, as well as being able seek the views of others. The Manager and Coordinator will attend meetings in which TVM Participants have an interest, as a member of any TVM Participant delegation. TVM Participants will of course, continue to engage with partners on matters that affect them individually.

Should you have any questions in relation to the work of Te Vaka Moana please direct them in the first instance to the TVM Manager and Coordinator through the contact section of this website.