TVMs overarching goal  is ‘to secure, protect and enhance associated long-term economic benefits able to be derived from fisheries and protect the important contribution fisheries make to the food security of the communities’.

TVMA participants have endorsed several high level objectives to achieve this goal. They are:

  1. Healthy and sustainable fisheries resources that provide maximum benefit to TVMA participants (economic benefits and food security), through the development and implementation of robust fisheries governance frameworks, systems and processes, over high seas and in-zone fisheries
  2. A reduction in cases of IUU fishing, and protection of fisheries management frameworks, through strengthened levels of MCSE co-operation between TVMA participants
  3. A profitable and sustainable fishing industry sector, through creating stability and certainty through governance and enabling environment arrangements
  4. Greater co-operation, engagement and collaboration with industry stakeholders including through fisheries industry stakeholder groups at national and subregional levels
  5. Te Vaka Moana is an effective and efficient grouping for addressing sub-regional issues successfully