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This website is a great place to learn about the work a group of Pacific Island Fisheries Administrations, collectively known as Te Vaka Moana (TVM), are doing to develop, manage and protect South Pacific fisheries, for the long term benefit of their countries and people.

TVM consists of the fisheries administrations of the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau and Tonga.

Through this website we hope you will learn more about TVMs:

We also hope this website will provide a means for TVM to develop relationships with others, including those with interests in: 

  • Establishing commercial relationships with TVM Participants
  • Creating and supporting fisheries management frameworks that secure the legitimate rights of TVM Participants in sustainable South Pacific fisheries, and provide a foundation for investment, development and prosperity
  • Implementing fisheries management frameworks, including through effective and efficient monitoring, control, surveillance and enforcement systems, processes and activities

Please feel most welcome to get in contact with us through this website.


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Te Vaka Moana Arrangement

In the legal framework section view the two key arrangements that TVM Participants have agreed to, and the areas where TVM are cooperating on pacific fisheries matters 

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TVM Vocational Training, Mentoring and Scholarship Opportunities

In April 2013, the TVM Governing Council agreed to publish online a range of vocational training, scholarships and business mentoring opportunities available to TVM Participants and their fishing sectors.  This document is a “living document” posted in the public section of the TVM Website to enable TVM Participants and their industry, and training providers and donors to see what fisheries training is available for Te Vaka Moana Participants. 

Donors and Training Providers are encouraged to provide updates to the TVM Manager and Coordinator for the table as new activities are planned, or existing activities changed or completed.

TVM Participants have also agreed to, through the TVM Manager and Coordinator, to soon begin publishing a further table that outlines any specific training needs/scholarships or mentoring work that they would like to see delivered. Donors and training providers are strongly encouraged to take note of these requests, so that TVM Participants are assisted with the sustainable development and management of their fisheries.


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